Why Stop
at Gun

When it comes to layered security, ZeroEyes is limited.

Active Monitoring Using AI

Like IntelliSee, ZeroEyes is a safety platform that overlays cameras and uses AI to autonomously detect drawn guns before shots are fired. But why stop at guns?

IntelliSee overlays cameras and uses AI to actively monitor for multiple risks from a growing list — which currently includes drawn guns, slip risks, leaks, falls, trespassers, and more.

Without IntelliSee a man lies on the floor injured and unnoticed. With IntelliSee the man is identified and people are notified.

Instant Detection Alerts

Once ZeroEyes detects a firearm, a ZeroEyes Technician reviews the detection to verify. After they determine the detection to be accurate, they issue an instant alert to users and notify law enforcement. Alternatively, they may deem it to be a false positive and move on.

When IntelliSee detects a risk, the platform sends immediate alerts to end users, empowering them to review whether something or someone is a risk on their property or not. This enables them to take informed action in real time, protecting people and property against drawn guns, slip risks, leaks, falls, trespassers, and more.

Companies that trust IntelliSee

What makes IntelliSee different?

One platform, multiple risks. Protect against catastrophic risks, like drawn guns, while staying aware of common but costly threats such as leaks and spills, slipping hazards, and perimeter control concerns.

Maximized investments and increasing ROI. IntelliSee isn’t a replacement for existing camera systems. Instead, it’s an overlay that transforms them into proactive safety tools that do more for you than record. With multiple detections, users see far more use cases, and additional detections are rolled out at no additional cost to users — increasing ROI over time.

Platform Customization. Users can customize IntelliSee parameters, choosing which cameras detect certain risks at varying sensitivity levels and during specific time periods. The platform even allows users to customize where different types of alerts go, ensuring important information gets to the right person each time.

All-In-One Security Alerts. IntelliSee not only provides real-time and escalating alerts from its own platform, but it can also seamlessly integrate with mass communication systems like AtlasIED’s IPX series of endpoints and Singlewire’s InformaCast.

“How could I possibly have somebody monitoring all 950 cameras every day throughout the entire district? I can put IntelliSee on that. I can send spills straight to my custodians and weapons to my SROs and myself. The cameras will see what we would never have eyes on, and with IntelliSee, we’ll be alerted and able to respond.”

– Illinois School District Director
of Safety and Security

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