We have to do better

We have to do better. A note from Malum Terminus Technologies CEO Scott Keplinger regarding the recent mass shootings in America.It’s really tempting to be…

Realistic Expectations for AI

Realistic Expectations for AIArtificial Intelligence is a fascinating and valuable technology that can improve lives and bottom lines. However, AI has limitations that are important…

Protecting our Heroes in Healthcare

Smarter Security Requires BalanceThe global pandemic has elevated healthcare professionals to hero status—one they rightly deserve. Unfortunately, COVID-19 isn’t the only existential threat they face…
Detecting weapons and threats in healthcare settings

Slip & Fall Prevention

EMC Insurance Risk Improvement Engineering Specialist Laurie Hoskins has seen it all—from painful injuries that cost workers their livelihoods to expensive settlements that can devastate a business’s finances and reputation.

Slip and fall detection

Out in the Open Part I: Schools

Out in the Open:Smarter Security Requires balanceAs the COVID-19 crisis continues to dominate our world, protecting against mass or individual shootings may no longer be…