IntelliSee Wins Two Awards at InfoComm 2024

After a successful appearance at InfoComm with AtlasIED, IntelliSee’s AI-powered threat detection software garnered two distinguished awards from rAVe [PUBS]. IntelliSee was awarded the Best Emergency Services & Security AV Product in the Best of InfoComm 2024 Awards and has also been selected as part of rAVe [PUBS]’s inaugural Top 10 at InfoComm 2024 Awards!

The rAVe team thoroughly evaluates each booth at InfoComm to ensure the Best of InfoComm awards go to the top products. Earning the Best Emergency Services & Security AV Product award underscores IntelliSee’s innovation and importance.

Additionally, 2024 is the first year that rAVe’s end-user publication, AV Buyers Club, and AVNation have teamed to present the Top 10 awards. We are deeply honored to be among the first ten companies to receive this accolade.

“We are deeply honored to receive the Best of InfoComm 2024 Award, the Best Emergency Services & Security AV Product, and the Top 10 at InfoComm 2024 Award,” said Scott Keplinger, CEO of IntelliSee. “These accolades reflect our team’s dedication to innovation and excellence in safety and security solutions. Moreover, we are privileged to be a trusted partner of AtlasIED. This partnership highlights the synergy like-minded organizations can achieve and underscores our organizations’ commitment to making our shared communities safer during these challenging times.”

At InfoComm 2024, attendees had the unique opportunity to witness IntelliSee’s transformative capabilities in a variety of critical safety scenarios. This award is not just a recognition but a validation of the essential role that intelligent safety solutions play in protecting people of all ages and backgrounds. It emphasizes the importance of our work and the impact we are making in the industry.

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About IntelliSee

IntelliSee’s AI-powered risk mitigation platform enhances safety measures for schools, hospitals, businesses, and others by proactively addressing day-to-day risks such as slipping hazards, fallen individuals, trespassing, and unauthorized vehicles, as well as more critical incidents like weapon detection and violent acts.

When integrated with existing video surveillance systems, IntelliSee continuously monitors live camera feeds to detect threats in real time. Upon threat detection, instant alerts provide pre-determined stakeholders with the situational awareness and context necessary to act swiftly and prevent harm. IntelliSee is a crucial component of AtlasIED’s security technology solutions.

About AtlasIED

AtlasIED is a leading global provider of comprehensive audio and communications solutions for commercial environments. With a rich history spanning over eight decades, AtlasIED combines innovation, reliability, and quality to deliver a broad range of products that enhance communication, safety, and efficiency in various industries.

AtlasIED’s extensive product portfolio includes advanced audio systems, public address and notification systems, sound masking solutions, and mass communication systems. These products are designed to meet the diverse needs of sectors such as education, healthcare, transportation, industrial, corporate, and retail. By integrating cutting-edge technology with robust design, AtlasIED ensures superior performance and dependability in every solution they offer.