Nearly every type of organization can experience violence, and its impacts go beyond physical harm. IntelliSee can help.

79% of public schools reported one or more incidents of violence.

47% of ER physicians have been physically assaulted at work.

25% of American workers say their workplace has had a violent incident.

Assault Detects:

Abusive Behaviors and Bullying
Assault and Violence
Efforts to Conceal Abuse
Markers of Impending Violence

Stop Violence in Its Tracks

Assault manifests in many ways, from robberies to school fights to abuse in the workplace. IntelliSee will detect abuse in its various forms and instantly alert you so you can intervene quickly to minimize harm and protect the vulnerable.

Once completed, IntelliSee's Assault detection module will identify abuse and alert you to inappropriate behavior as soon as it occurs.

In a scenario where an individual is unable to call for help, IntelliSee’s real-time, autonomous monitoring, detecting, and alerting capabilities can sound the alarm on their behalf. As our research progresses, Assault will also detect behavior known to precede abuse to prevent it from happening in the first place.

In partnership with the Iowa Technology Institute, IntelliSee is taking vision-based analytics to the next level. By using Spatial Posture and Motion Identification (SPIM) and machine learning, capabilities to convert 2D video to 2D kinematics and then to 3D motions using virtual human models is nearing completion.

This novel and effective methodology was developed to capture and track soldier behavior and their extended and complex motions. This same technology can identify the unique movements and markers associated with assault, abuse, bullying and other acts of violence impacting our society.

Stay tuned for future enhancements as this patent pending technology develops.