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Exclusive discounts for Hanover clients who proactively manage their risks.

IntelliSee turns your existing security cameras into proactive risk mitigation tools with one simple AI platform that overlays your current system. Proactively detect a wide range of threats – from common to catastrophic – and get real-time alerts to avoid incidents or mitigate the severity of an incident.

  • Clean spills before a fall
  • Catch trespassers before they steal or vandalize
  • Stop weapons before they enter a building or are fired
  • Address falls in real-time vs. later in litigation
  • Bookmark incident footage in real-time for later use
  • Keep solo workers safe

Detect Risks - Everything from the Common to the Catastrophic

IntelliSee’s AI platform continually learns and improves over time, and new risk detections are added regularly at no additional cost–constantly increasing its value to you.

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