Smarter surveillance for sales growth

Use the power of AI to enhance your customers’ existing surveillance with IntelliSee.

Our risk mitigation platform is a proactive, powerful tool that identifies risks by overlaying current IP surveillance systems and autonomously monitoring multiple cameras in real time. 

Choosing the right partner is critical to your reputation and business. When you partner with IntelliSee you can be confident of your decision.

    • IntelliSee’s parent company, Malum Terminus Technologies, is a University of Iowa spinout.
    • IntelliSee’s deep-learning vision AI also continuously improves the longer it’s in use. Because AI technology learns like a human, the more video data the customer feeds it, the better it becomes.
    • Our mission is to make the world a better, safer place, and we are seeking partners who are aligned with that as well
    • We are committed to channel partnerships and will invest in your success—we understand that when you succeed, our mission succeeds.

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