About Intellisee

In the wake of increasing school shootings, a concerned group of educators, business leaders, and technology professionals decided they must act. Building on an idea and the use of innovative AI technology, the group founded IntelliSee—a University of Iowa spinout—in 2020. They focused not only on making schools safer, but doing it without creating a negative impact on the learning environment. IntelliSee continues to collaborate with the University of Iowa College of Education on K-12 safety and mental health.

Initially, IntelliSee focused on the critical, growing need for improved school safety. However, the founders quickly realized that schools—like all organizations—also face other real-world challenges to safety and security. By pairing its breakthrough AI technology with existing camera infrastructure, IntelliSee created a solution that protects against a growing platform of risks, including gun violence and other more common risks, such as slip and fall hazards, trespassing, loitering, and more.

After seeing that this technology could impact lives outside of schools, the team expanded efforts and began offering this financially accessible and proactive safety solution to other sectors. Today, IntelliSee proudly helps protect K-12 and higher education campuses, hospitals, retailers, houses of worship, government settings, private industries, and others.

“I believe that if you have the capability, then you have the responsibility to help”

– Scott Keplinger, IntelliSee CEO

Smarter Surveillance for a Safer World

Smarter surveillance for a safer world—it’s not only our tagline, it’s what drives us.

The sheer amount of surveillance cameras in place today is helpful but impossible to monitor effectively. Most surveillance footage only records incidents instead of helping to prevent them and is mostly useful after the fact.

With IntelliSee’s autonomous, always-on active monitoring, existing passive surveillance is transformed into a proactive safety tool. Using advanced computer vision AI, IntelliSee identifies risks and sends real-time alerts so users can take informed action to stop or minimize harm. Early detection and response leads to better outcomes by reducing incidents and claims, and protecting people and property.

Ongoing Improvement and Expansion

Our team continually evolves and expands IntelliSee’s capabilities. We are always scanning the horizon to find new ways to minimize harm, reduce financial loss, and protect lives by using the world’s most advanced technologies for good. For this reason, new capabilities are updated as developed and offered to customers at no additional charge.

IntelliSee will never use controversial AI practices, invade privacy, or cross ethical lines in the pursuit of safety or profit.

Our Team

IntelliSee is professionally managed by a team of experts with extensive experience in their respective disciplines such as safety, security, technology, engineering, higher education, finance, and business. Although they have varying areas of expertise, each is driven by the single mission to make the world a safer place.

IntelliSee's Leadership:

Scott Keplinger, Chief Executive Officer
Tom Goedken, Chief Financial Officer
Lucas Kuhlmann, Chief Technology Officer
Maureen Pajerski, Chief Commercial Officer

IntelliSee's Board of Directors:

Dr. Richard Ferguson, Board Chair
Dr. Daniel Clay, Board Member
Greg Carstensen, Board Member
Scott Keplinger, Chief Executive Officer

Excellence in Product Innovation

NSCA Most Innovating New Product Overall Winner 2022