Stop Guns Before
Shots Are Fired

Why stop at guns?

IntelliSee is the only AI gun detection software that also detects and alerts to a spectrum of threats – from perimeter control to slip and fall hazards – immediately alerting you so you can act. Our award-winning software overlays existing cameras and immediately elevates your security strategy.

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Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

IntelliSee uses a simple, non-disruptive connection between your cameras and the systems you already use. Our software integrates smoothly with all major VMS manufacturers, unlike other setups that create complications downstream.

Simple, Affordable Security Add-on

IntelliSee AI software integrates with all major commercial security camera systems from brands like Axis, Bosch, Hanwha, and Vivotek. Increase the value of your existing surveillance camera investment by adding affordable AI monitoring and alerting.

“With hundreds of cameras across our facility, IntelliSee’s real-time alerts pinpoint areas where dispatch should focus their attention, making alert reviews more efficient and more effective.”

– Hospital Facilities Technology Coordinator

One Software Protects Against a Spectrum of Threats

While others only protect against guns, IntelliSee also covers common safety risks providing value every day.

IntelliSee defends your organization from a spectrum of risks for a single fee. Our deep-learning AI constantly evolves and improves, so we can add more detection capabilities at no extra charge, providing increasing value to you.

“We saved more than $100,000 in prevented security threats, which we were able to deploy to other critical safety and security needs including adding more surveillance coverage to other venues.”

– Key & Access Services Manager,
University of Iowa