Smarter Surveillance
for Safer Schools

Schools can be unpredictable settings and staff can’t be everywhere at once to monitor all activities or interactions. With accidents, gun violence, and mental health crises on the rise, it’s more important than ever to know what’s going on at all times.

IntelliSee offers K-12 institutions an all-in-one, cost-effective way to prevent and respond to threats, including drawn weapons, trespassers, loiterers, slipping hazards, and more. IntelliSee does not store footage, personally identifiable information (PII), or use facial recognition so there are no Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or other privacy issues.

Peoria Public Schools Selects IntellIsee.

District is investing in proactive AI monitoring to secure their schools. Learn more:

Violence in Schools —
Where are the Risks?

The United States has had


school shootings since



Source: The Trace, The Facts on Children and Teens Killed by Guns, 2019

Gun Violence
on the Rise

2021 saw a sharp increase in gun violence in the United States, and schools are not immune. School shootings in the US happen far too often and can occur anywhere on school property posing a serious threat to districts all across the country.

Meanwhile, mental wellness is headed in the opposite direction—down. At the end of 2021, the U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory regarding the youth mental health crisis.

While the majority of individuals with diagnosed mental illness do not engage in violence towards others, tragedy can still occur on school grounds. At one school, a student took their own life beneath a stairwell. Despite the presence of a surveillance camera, nobody was actively monitoring it to detect or alert staff. By the time the student was discovered, it was too late.

Mental Health
on the Decline

Awareness is Crucial

When it comes to keeping a school campus safe, situational awareness is a necessity. Even the most dedicated security staff may not notice the puddle of water under the drinking fountain, the individual loitering in the parking lot before evening practice lets out, or the maintenance employee who fell in the hallway after hours. IntelliSee can detect all these things, flag them, and send immediate alerts to designated contacts.

More than 9 million people are hospitalized each year due to slip and fall accidents, which can lead to painful injuries, tragic fatalities, and costly settlements. IntelliSee can detect slip hazards, including clear, hard-to-see liquids. Falls, whether related to a slipping hazard or medical emergency, are also detected and flagged.

With stretched budgets, fewer resources, and burnout at an all-time high—what does this mean for America’s schools?

Be Proactive with an
All-In-One Solution

It means that being proactive is the only option. IntelliSee offers active monitoring of surveillance cameras to alert you of potential risks so you can act quickly, avoiding or minimizing incidents. IntelliSee works autonomously so there are no additional personnel costs or camera updates needed. Instead, IntelliSee overlays existing systems, continuing to learn and improve over time and expand its capabilities with automatic quarterly updates at no additional charge.

Users can set their own parameters regarding times, locations, and alerts—creating awareness and preventing violence and accidents on school property.

State and Federal Funding Offers A Helping Hand Toward Safer Schools

In a world of increasing risks, smarter solutions are needed. Proactively protect students, staff, and property with IntelliSee. Smarter surveillance for a safer world.

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Intellisee in Action

Intellisee can help school districts improve:

If a student approaches the school with a gun, intending to do harm...

IntelliSee instantly identifies the drawn weapon before the first shots are fired. Automated alerts are then sent to designated contacts—including system to system alerts—ensuring faster response times.

If students attempt to climb onto the school roof or other property...

IntelliSee can identify the presence of trespassers and send instant notifications to the proper contacts whenever a person is detected in off-limits areas or at off-hours.

If a faculty member who is working late falls and becomes incapacitated...

IntelliSee immediately recongnizes when a person has fallen and needs assistance. Instantaneous alerts allow help to arrive faster, avoiding the risk of the injured person going unnoticed until morning staff arrives.

If a security guard unexpectedly leaves...

IntelliSee recognizes their prolonged absence from their station. Instant alerts notify personnel who can then check on the officer, seek help, and call in a replacement, if needed.

If there is a spill in the hallway...

IntelliSee identifies the liquid on the ground before a person has the chance to slip. Once detected, alerts are sent to janitorial staff in real time, with escalating alerts until the hazard is resolved.


IntelliSee continuously monitors surveillance feeds 24/7/365 for threats in real time.


IntelliSee automatically detects drawn weapons, trespassers, no-shows/missing employees, fallen persons, and slip and fall hazards.


When a threat is detected, IntelliSee instantaneously alerts designated contacts and systems to the nature and location of the threat.


Armed with the right information at the right time, users can take immediate action.

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