Smarter Surveillance
for Safer Schools

It’s never been more important—or more difficult—to keep our schools safe. Staffing shortages, mental health concerns, divisive social issues, and increasing violence are making tough jobs even harder. It’s critical to know what’s happening on your campus at all times, without interrupting learning and while balancing privacy.

IntelliSee offers K-12 institutions an all-in-one, cost-effective way to prevent and respond to threats 24/7/365. The IntelliSee AI autonomously monitors your existing surveillance cameras in real-time to detect and alert to threats to allow you to act before an incident.

IntelliSee does not store footage, use personally identifiable information (PII), or use facial recognition so you have the protection you need without violating privacy, Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or other regulatory requirements.

Gun in school parking lot with detectino

Stop Guns Before They Enter the Building

Don't let an incident turn into a tragedy.

Detect weapons before they enter the building
Stop a gun before shots are fired
Know where shooters are during the chaos

Protect against the common to catastrophic: slip & fall hazards, trespassing, loitering, guns, vehicles and more.

Gun Violence
in Schools Is

The United States has had


school shooting victims on K-12 properties since



Gun Violence
on the Rise

After increasing dramatically from 2020-2022, gun violence is on pace to set another tragic historic high. Schools are common targets with no district immune to the threat.

Meanwhile, mental wellness is headed in the opposite direction—down. According to the CDC’s latest data, nearly 1 in 4 teens have seriously considered attempting suicide.

While most people with mental illness are not violent, the recent rise in school shootings shows tragedy can occur at any time.

Mental Health
on the Decline

Awareness is Crucial

Situational awareness is necessary to keep a school campus safe. Even the most dedicated security staff cannot be everywhere at once and may miss the puddle of water under the drinking fountain, the individual loitering in the parking lot, or the maintenance employee who fell after hours.

With staffing shortages, stretched budgets, fewer resources, and burnout at an all-time high—what does this mean for America’s schools? It means that being proactive becomes the only option.

Protect against common to catastrophic threats

Be Proactive with an
All-In-One Solution

IntelliSee makes your existing surveillance cameras smarter by providing autonomous, active monitoring. IntelliSee’s AI detects and alerts you to both common risks, like trespassing and slip and fall hazards, while also protecting against potentially catastrophic risks like drawn guns. Real-time alerts allow you to act quickly, avoiding or minimizing incidents.

IntelliSee overlays and complements existing systems to give schools an added layer of security without additional staff or expensive and disruptive updates.

State and Federal Funding Offers A Helping Hand Toward Safer Schools

In response to increased school shootings and the mental health crisis, state and federal funding has increased. IntelliSee’s distribution partners are experts in helping schools find additional resources. Online resources like School Safety Grant Finder can also help.

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Intellisee in Action

Intellisee can help school districts improve:

If an assailant approaches with a gun...

Detect the drawn weapon prior to entering the building or, if it’s already in the building before shots are fired. If a shooting is in progress, real-time alerts let authorities know where the assailant is during the chaos to speed up response and save lives.

If a trespasser enters the property to steal, vandalize, or worse...

IntelliSee’s real-time alerts let you. know if a person or vehicle is detected in off-limit areas or after hours based on the parameters you set.

If staff or others working late or alone become incapacitated...

What happens when you can’t get help yourself? IntelliSee detects falls in real-time—due to accidents or medical issues—and alerts to when a person needs assistance. Instantaneous alerts allow help to arrive faster so an incident doesn’t become a tragedy.

If security staff unexpectedly leave an entrance...

Emergencies, illness, or job abandonment can put your school at risk. Based on the parameters you set, IntelliSee recognizes and can alert you to prolonged absences from key areas.

If there is a leak or spill in the hallway...

IntelliSee identifies liquids on the ground, helping schools prevent slip and falls. It can also limit damage from leaks by sending real-time escalating alerts so the issue can be resolved quickly.

Security is multi-layered, not an either-or decision.

With security, there’s no single solution that can completely mitigate every risk. It requires a layered approach, with multiple measures to build a comprehensive safety strategy.

Take, for instance, IntelliSee and metal detectors: they work differently but are complementary in strengthening security. IntelliSee excels in detecting visible weapons within the range of a security camera, but it isn’t designed to detect concealed weapons. On the other hand, metal detectors will alert to concealed weapons passing through them. However, their scope is limited – they can’t be everywhere, nor can they detect a threat lurking in the parking lot or approaching a building. And they can be easily avoided by an individual committed to causing harm.

Each solution has strengths and limitations, but by layering the different technologies, you significantly bolster your safety strategy.

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