Case Studies

School safety goes beyond guns. And so does IntelliSee.

Schools are searching for tools to keep students and staff safe and while gun violence is the biggest concern, common, everyday threats such as trespassing or spills can also lead to costly consequences. See how one K-12 school in Iowa transformed its existing cameras into proactive school safety tools.
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Putting IntelliSee to the test at a Big10 Football Stadium

For NCAA Division I football stadiums, security is a top priority for home games. But monitoring a stadium that holds tens of thousands of people is neither easy nor cheap. Learn how the University of Iowa used IntelliSee to automate surveillance monitoring to better protect against threats and deploy security resources.
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Des Moines Hospital Reduces Patient Slip and Falls

Protecting an entire hospital campus is challenging, staff-intensive, and expensive. With 1,300 staff members providing care to thousands of patients each year, how do you keep people safe within a budget? AI provides an answer. See how IntelliSee put its cost-effective security software to the test at a large hospital in Polk County, IA.
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