One Solution for
Multiple Risks

Protect against a spectrum of safety threats with an all-in-one solution

Gun violence is a serious threat, but it’s not the only threat to safety. IntelliSee detects daily threats, including trespassing, loitering, slip risks, leaks and spills, and fallen persons, which can cost organizations millions of dollars each year in property damage and injury claims. Customize your alert schedule, users, and detection sensitivity to best protect your people and property.

Drawn Gun Detection

With real-time gun detection, your team can address and neutralize drawn guns on your property within minutes before a situation occurs or escalates. IntelliSee instant alerts are sent by text, email, or through your existing emergency mass notification system for immediate response.

If a gun does enter your building, IntelliSee follows the drawn gun on cameras throughout the facility, sending updated alerts so safety staff and law enforcement can quickly identify the location of an active shooter.

Perimeter Control

Trespassers, loiterers, and unauthorized vehicles on your property can quickly become problematic and are often indicators of criminal activities or other safety risks. Even if trespassers have no ill intention, around-the-clock awareness is the first step in keeping everyone safe.

Would you know if someone was trespassing on your property outside of operating hours? Receive immediate alerts so you can assess the situation and respond appropriately, day or night.

How many hours of surveillance footage would you have to go through to find evidence following a theft or vandalism?

IntelliSee alerts are immediate, so you will know right away if someone is on your property, and law enforcement can be notified. If a recording is necessary after the fact, each alert includes the time and which camera made the detection—helping narrow in on the specific timeframe and feed that requires your attention.

Slips, Falls, and Leaks

Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of injury, workers’ compensation settlements, and general liability claims. Real-time slip risk detections draw attention to a situation before injury occurs so you can deploy staff to address it right away.

This puddle, at the bottom of concrete stairs, was detected in a community college over the weekend. IntelliSee’s real-time alert informed staff of the slip risk but also led to the discovery of a leaking roof. This enabled the situation to be addressed before anyone was hurt and before costly property damages accrued.

Endless Risks. One Simple Fee.

Don’t turn a blind eye to everyday safety threats. Protect your people and property with a growing list of risk detections — from common to catastrophic. All for one simple fee.