About IntelliSee

IntelliSee was born from a vision to make the world a safer place through the ever-expanding capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Our story begins more than 15 years ago, when the University of Iowa Technology Institute was selected to conduct leading-edge research on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense to improve the safety and performance of soldiers through AI. As a result of this decades-old relationship, Malum Terminus Technologies—and the capabilities that now power IntelliSee—were created.

Seeing it’s potential to impact lives outside of the military, Malum Terminus Technologies, the parent company of IntelliSee, was granted the exclusive Intellectual Property (IP) rights to bring the technology to other sectors—from schools to hospitals, private businesses, and more—bringing us one step closer to achieving our vision of making the world safer through the power of AI. This long standing partnership has produced globally leading capabilities in human motion-based virtual reality, computer vision engineering, and artificial intelligence.

University of Iowa Virtual Soldier Research

Research & Development

As research continues, IntelliSee’s team of researchers and developers are working hand-in-hand with the University of Iowa to ensure the continued evolution of IntelliSee’s platform. We are always scanning the horizon to find new ways to minimize harm, end abuse, reduce financial loss, and protect lives by using the world’s most advanced technologies for good.

Base research and the power of machine learning via IntelliSee’s neural network means the types of threats and risks detected will continue to deepen and expand on the platform. The platform will also continue to further integrate with clients’ existing VMS/Security Platforms as an expanding part of their overall physical security ecosystem.

Our Team

IntelliSee’s executive staff have extensive experience in their respective disciplines, ranging from higher education to engineering, physiology and business development.

Dr. Karim Malek

Founder and Board Member

Dr. Malek is the Director of the Iowa Technology Institute and Professor of Biomedical Engineering for the University of Iowa.

Dr. Richard Ferguson

Co-Founder and Board Chair

Dr. Ferguson is a former CEO and Chair Emeritus of ACT, and is currently the Chairman of the Board at Apollo Technologies.

Scott Keplinger

Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

Scott’s 30+ year career includes executive experience across data, financial services/insurance, retail, and manufacturing industries.

Greg Carstensen

Board Member

Greg is the Founder and CEO of Asymmetria Group and Ballast Capital.

Dr. Daniel Clay

Co-founder and Board Member

Dr. Clay is the Dean of the College of Education at the University of Iowa.

Dr. Kevin Kregel


Dr. Kregel is the Executive Vice Provost and a Professor of Human Physiology for the University of Iowa.

Landon Evans


Landon is the Director of Sports Science at the University of Iowa Athletic Department.

Dr. Rajan Bhatt


Dr. Bhatt is the Assistant Director for the Virtual Soldier Research Lab at the Iowa Institute of Technology at the University of Iowa.

Tom Goedken

Chief Financial Officer

Tom’s 40+ year career includes executive roles in educational testing, manufacturing, financial services, and consulting.

Maureen Pajerski

Chief Customer Officer

Maureen has more than 30 years in sales & marketing leadership driving consistent, profitable growth and dominant market share by focusing on strategies to support customer and channel success.

Jared Jeffery

Director of Product Development

Jared has more than a decade of product development, product management, and program management experience in manufacturing and technology.

Kyle Peterson

Senior AI Research Scientist

Kyle is a Graduate Research Assistant for the Iowa Technology Institute and is a PhD Candidate in Informatics with a Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics.

Sanika Patange

Computer Vision Engineer

Sanika has experience fine tuning computer vision models for real world applications and a deep understanding of various theories used to solve computer vision problems.

Ekta Bhojwani

Computer Vision Engineer

Ekta has experience optimizing throughput for computer vision applications on Nvidia GPUs and low power devices as well as expertise in image processing.

Harika Ganesana

Software Developer

Harika has multiple years of experience in application architecture, design, and development.

Ash-Ralph O’Quail

Computer Vision Engineer / Machine Learning

Ash-Ralph has decades of computer technician experience specializing in computer vision engineering and machine learning.