Campus Safety: Why Schools Should Leverage AI Now

Recent events show proactive safety and security on schools and campuses is more important than ever. Threats to your students and staff are increasing, and enhancing your ability to actively monitor, proactively detect threats, and quickly respond is imperative. Now is the time for campus safety professionals to invest in innovative, proactive, effective security solutions to keep your people safe.

IntelliSee is proud to bring its award-winning AI threat detection platform to campus security professionals attending the 2022 Campus Safety Conference in Bethesda, MD, June 20-22.

IntelliSee is sponsoring the conference with CTSI, an industry leader in intelligent, scalable technology solutions for K-12, higher ed and healthcare. CTSI and IntelliSee will be demonstrating the product’s detection and alert capabilities at our booth. 

You can’t be everywhere at once. But IntelliSee can.

IntelliSee is an AI threat detection platform that turns your existing passive surveillance cameras into active monitoring and proactive risk mitigation tools. IntelliSee protects against a range of risks from the common such as slip and falls, to the catastrophic, such as drawn weapons. IntelliSee overlays your current surveillance cameras to autonomously scan for threats 24/7/365. Once a threat is detected, your designated contacts and systems receive real-time alerts. This simple overlay gives you situational awareness and shifts your safety approaches from reactive to proactive, ideally preventing incidents from happening and decreasing response times if an incident does occur.

It’s never been more important to balance safety, privacy, and education. Because IntelliSee works in the background with your existing cameras, it quietly protects without adding fear or stress to students and staff. IntelliSee also protects privacy by avoiding facial recognition and other controversial AI methods.

Don’t wait for your campus to be impacted before you take action. It’s time to act now.

Visit the IntelliSee & CTSI booth at Campus Safety Conference or contact us for a 10-minute demo.