How Intellisee Helps Systems Integrators Prepare for the Future

For CEC, IntelliSee’s ever-evolving solution means better results and better ROI for end users—and more opportunities for recurring revenue.

Communications Engineering Company (CEC) is a nationally renowned systems integrator with more than 70 years of experience. From its Midwest headquarters, CEC serves customers across the nation, offering custom design, implementation, and service technology solutions to meet their needs.

Like IntelliSee, CEC prides itself on its unmatched customer experience and cutting-edge security technology. Whenever CEC decides to partner with a manufacturer or offer a new technology—the partner must pass a stringent testing process to ensure its high standards are met.

When IntelliSee approached CEC about a partnership opportunity, CEC put IntelliSee through its paces to see if our active monitoring solution could help its customers see a better ROI from their security investments.

Putting Intellisee to the test

IntelliSee is an AI-risk mitigation platform that overlays surveillance cameras and autonomously scans for threats 24/7/365. Using the latest computer vision technology, IntelliSee provides an added layer of security to existing systems, alerting customers to threats such as slip and fall hazards, drawn weapons, trespassers, and more, so they can take action before issues arise.

“We know that cameras alone aren’t enough to prevent problems—it takes a watchful eye to monitor them for potential threats, plus quick action to follow up on those issues,” says Randy Montelius, Vice President of Technology for CEC. “What made us interested in IntelliSee was its potential to automate this process and remove human error from the equation.”

CEC installed IntelliSee in its state-of-the-art solutions integration lab, where they tested the technology to ensure it performed as expected. After completing their due diligence and watching IntelliSee at work, CEC signed on as a distribution partner to offer the technology to its customers in the healthcare, education, government, and corporate sectors.

“With each test, we saw the true advantage of IntelliSee’s AI in action—continuous improvement and added value, both for our customers and our company,” says Montelius. “Since IntelliSee is an add-on product, it gives us the chance to re-engage with clients and make their security systems more effective and efficient without requiring costly system-wide upgrades.”

A Smart Solution for Systems Integrators

CEC also finds value in IntelliSee’s business model.

IntelliSee can be added to a customer’s current system for a one-time equipment charge. After installation, integrators can charge a flat annual fee to use the autonomous risk mitigation platform. This model provides recurring revenue opportunities to the systems integrator at a significant margin.

IntelliSee’s deep-learning vision AI also continuously improves the longer it’s in use, increasing the value of the system over time. Because AI technology learns like a human, the more video data the customer feeds it, the better it becomes.

Both positive and negative feedback changes and improves the quality of IntelliSee’s detections. We also consider channel partner and end-user feedback to make decisions on new detection capabilities and features. These new features are included in quarterly releases and provided at no additional cost, adding even more value to the end-user. For example, loitering and vehicle detection was just added to the platform in its latest release.

“Not all AI is created equal, so we sought out the right opportunity to test it for ourselves. IntelliSee has far and away surpassed our expectations, and we’re excited to see how it will continue to evolve in the future,” says Montelius.

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