IntelliSee Announces Partnership with Singlewire Software

IntelliSee’s advanced AI enhances Singlewire Software solutions with real-time video analytics

Coralville, Iowa – April 8, 2024 – IntelliSee, an AI risk-mitigation platform, announced a new partnership with Singlewire Software, a leader in solutions that help keep people safe and informed. The partnership integrates IntelliSee into Singlewire’s InformaCast mass notification and incident management software.

IntelliSee overlays existing video surveillance systems with advanced AI to autonomously monitor live camera feeds to detect threats in real time. Singlewire’s InformaCast is a leading mass notification system for emergency and daily communications that delivers intrusive, attention-getting audio, text, and visual alerts throughout facilities and to mobile devices.

With the partnership, IntelliSee enables InformaCast users to respond to risks and threats sooner through their primary notification and communications system. InformaCast’s notification and intervention processes can then help organizations prevent an incident before it occurs or before the incident has the opportunity to escalate.

“Like Singlewire, we’re driven to make the world a better, safer place. While our AI is a powerful new tool in this effort, identifying an issue in real-time is only half the battle,” said Scott Keplinger, CEO of IntelliSee. “Combining IntelliSee with InformaCast gives organizations a more complete toolset for intervening when seconds can be the difference between an incident and a tragedy.”

IntelliSee protects against a broad array of risks ranging from common issues, like trespassing, leaks, and falls, to potentially catastrophic threats, like active shooters. Once detected, instant alerts inform designated people and systems – like InformaCast – so action can be taken. Singlewire’s notification and alerting through InformaCast are used for daily activities and emergency planning and communications. By sending IntelliSee alerts through InformaCast, users are able to keep people safe through a system they are already familiar with that is designed specifically to keep an organization informed.

Singlewire Software President and CEO Terry Swanson said, “We’re driven to keep people safe and informed, so our partnership with IntelliSee is a natural fit as AI is becoming a new, important layer in an organization’s overall safety strategy. IntelliSee’s unique approach protecting against a range of issues also aligns with how InformaCast helps our users with daily operations and emergency preparedness should a crisis ever occur. ”

Singlewire provides solutions to K12, Higher Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing organizations, and more.  See Singlewire and learn more about InformaCast at ISC West in Las Vegas at Stand 25117 or visit

For more information about the IntelliSee AI Risk Mitigation platform, visit or see IntelliSee and learn more at ISC West in Las Vegas at Stand 31061.

About IntelliSee

IntelliSee is an AI risk mitigation platform helping schools, businesses, hospitals, and others strengthen their approach to organizational risk, safety and security. Enabled by proprietary advances in computer vision artificial intelligence, IntelliSee’s capabilities improve both risk detection and response through an organization’s existing security and safety systems. The IntelliSee platform continues to expand and evolve. Learn more about its growing capabilities and see how IntelliSee provides Smarter Surveillance for A Safer World at

IntelliSee is headquartered in Coralville, Iowa, USA.