It’s Gameday: Putting IntelliSee To The Test At A Big Ten College Football Stadium

Another college football season is coming to a close. University athletic departments are already evaluating budgets and operations to improve efficiencies for the next season. A significant part of their budget gets allocated for the security and safety of stadiums and other large venues. This expense is critical and should not be short-changed. But what if there was a way to secure stadiums more effectively and efficiently at a lower cost?

The University of Iowa and IntelliSee worked together in 2021 to secure the University’s football stadium. By using IntelliSee’s AI risk mitigation platform to automate the monitoring of surveillance feeds, they successfully leveraged its existing infrastructure while proactively alerting staff for less cost.

Running Proactive Interference On Risks

Like all NCAA Division I football stadiums, security is a top priority when preparing to host games. But monitoring a stadium that holds tens of thousands of people is neither easy nor cheap. Each home game requires in-depth security sweeps, on-site guards, and additional personnel to monitor security feeds prior to and during the game.

But what if large event venues could automate monitoring security feeds?
And what if personnel could be put to better use responding to threats, instead of watching for them on a screen?

From Passive Surveillance to Proactive Protection

IntelliSee put this idea to the test.

Immediately after installation, IntelliSee got to work autonomously monitoring for threats. Because IntelliSee is an add-on—not a replacement—the University seamlessly integrated the platform into their existing surveillance system without making expensive hardware upgrades, camera installations, or hiring additional staff.

IntelliSee’s additional layer of security proactively alerts staff to potential threats. So far, the University of Iowa has saved a total of $110,640, which they were able to deploy towards other security enhancements.

Beyond Sports Stadiums and Venues

Proactive threat detection can have immediate impacts on a stadium or large venue’s security and operating expenses. IntelliSee’s AI risk mitigation platform can also add a layer of protection to any organization—from hospitals to schools to grocery stores and others.

All organizations face ongoing threats ranging from common to catastrophic. Proactively detecting weapons, slip & fall hazards, falls, trespassing, missing people, and more can have an immediate financial impact. While ROI is always critical, a proactive approach to safety improves your organization’s reputation while protecting your people and those they serve.