K-12 Webinar

Layered Security: Because Less Isn't More When It Comes to Safety

As details emerge with every new shooting, we ask: what can be learned to help prevent another tragedy so we can stop this madness?

To help, IntelliSee hosted a webinar examining Nashville’s recent Covenant School attack. In every one of these instances, it’s clear that one security measure can’t mitigate every risk and a layered security strategy best protects schools and other organizations.

In Nashville, footage showed the attacker pulling into the parking lot and approaching the side of the building with a drawn assault rifle before shooting through glass doors. Locked doors, metal detectors and similar safety approaches wouldn’t have been enough. The released footage did show, had the school been equipped with active monitoring on its outdoor surveillance, IntelliSee would have detected the assailant approaching and real-time alerts could have given the school crucial forewarning.

Further, IntelliSee’s ongoing alerts would have helped identify the assailant’s location, enabling first responders to resolve the situation even more quickly. When every second matters, this extra time could save lives.

However, IntelliSee cannot detect concealed guns, meaning in a different situation, other layers, like metal detectors, are helpful in preventing a concealed weapon from entering. Ultimately, layered security is necessary to cover all bases and to help stop these senseless acts.

We must come together as experts to do more to keep people safe and to stop this horrific violence.