Layered Security: A Critical Theme in Safety

IntelliSee participated in both the 2023 International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC) West in March and the 2023 SEC Police Chief & Emergency Managers Conference in Columbia, Missouri in April.

At both events, the IntelliSee team had the opportunity to network with customers, key distribution partners and other safety and security professionals. In doing so, we identified the following themes: 

  1. AI is here to stay, and it is drastically changing our industry for the better.
  2. A layered security strategy, and making the right choices on what layers to prioritize, is critical for protecting your people.
  3. We must all do better, and work together, to make the world a safer place.

AI Levels Up Security and Maximizes Resources

At ISC West, IntelliSee was featured in the Emerging Tech section alongside a myriad of up-and-coming products and solutions—many involving AI. While we knew AI was here to stay, this became that much clearer as we spent time at each conference. 

Advanced AI, like IntelliSee, offers clear benefits for both end users and security partners. For instance, IntelliSee maximizes existing resources by using AI to actively and autonomously monitor and detect risks 24/7/365. Real-time and escalating alerts provide crucial awareness that can reduce response times, preserve liability and prevent catastrophic damages. If an incident does occur, alerts provide invaluable time and location information that help resolve the situation more quickly in instances where every second matters.

IntelliSee’s Vision AI is non-intrusive and adds a valuable layer to your security strategy that is discrete, effective and adheres to privacy regulations. The risks aren’t going away, and neither is the need for advanced safety solutions. To put it simply: security partners need to get on board with AI—or risk getting left in the dust.

Layered Security is a Necessity

Even with advanced solutions like AI, there is no one security measure that can mitigate every risk on its own. Each circumstance is unique, and the best strategy is to utilize multiple efforts, products and solutions to create a comprehensive layered security strategy that fits the specific needs of each end user.

For example, as vision-based AI, IntelliSee cannot detect concealed weapons until they are drawn and in view of a security camera. However, metal detectors would alert users to weapons passing through, even if the naked eye can’t see them. At the same time, if an active shooter is approaching a building with a drawn automatic weapon, the metal detector won’t alert anyone until they are already in the building—whereas IntelliSee would detect and alert as soon as they were visible on an outdoor camera. The presence of both is a much stronger safety strategy than having just one. 

IntelliSee doesn’t replace cameras or security personnel—it works to maximize resources and facilitate proactive detection. For instance, in a sea of live camera feeds, how easily can a drawn weapon or other risk go undetected in one camera view—and for how long.

The Partnership Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) presented on the topic of layered security at ISC West, reiterating the importance of a layered strategy in K-12 institutions to a standing-room-only crowd. Their message was spot-on and clearly applicable to organizations and businesses outside of the academic realm. 

We enjoyed talking with other vendors and exploring the potential for partnerships and product pairings that will strengthen safety strategies and better protect people in the long run.

Together, we can all help make the world a safer place.

The level of violence in our schools and throughout our communities is growing. From mass shootings on our campuses to our retail spaces and beyond, the impacts aren’t subsiding anytime soon. 

If we come together as experts, administrators, and officials, we can work together to implement real, effective strategies that help put a halt to horrific gun violence and other attacks. We can—and must—do more to keep people safe.