Smarter Solutions for Healthcare Facility Safety

IntelliSee is Premier's sole provider for AI Vision-Based Weapon Detection

Safety and staffing are top areas of concern for those in healthcare. But protecting an entire hospital or medical center from threats is challenging, staff-intensive, and expensive.

IntelliSee’s AI-threat detection and risk mitigation platform turns your existing security cameras into proactive risk mitigation tools. IntelliSee overlays your current system adding a complementary layer of security without increasing staff, installing expensive upgrades or creating HIPAA or other privacy issues.

Proactively detect a wide range of threats with autonomous, 24/7/365 monitoring with real-time alerts. Monitor all cameras all the time, allowing you to respond faster to issues to avoid incidents, prevent harm and minimize liability.

Intellisee in Action

Intellisee can help healthcare institutions improve their response to the following situations:
If anyone attempts to enter a building with a weapon in hand...

IntelliSee instantly identifies the threat and alerts security before shots are fired. The platform continues to provide alerts with location information, giving first responders the situational awareness needed if a gunman breaches the building.

If someone is in an unauthorized area...

IntelliSee recognizes and alerts to the presence of a person in specified areas. It can help identify a person loitering near a pharmacy, a newborn baby unit, or even a parking garage before notifying personnel immediately. Staff can then review and assess the alert to see if that person is authorized to be there or if they are trespassing and pose a potential threat. This awareness allows for a quick response—addressing and resolving the incident before harm occurs to hospital patients, guests, or staff.

If a person falls anywhere in your facility and is in need of assistance...

IntelliSee identifies that a person has fallen and sends instantaneous alerts to ensure they receive help as soon as possible, without waiting for a passerby to spot them. The system also stores an image of the incident for required documentation.

If a spill is left on the floor...

IntelliSee identifies anything spilled on the ground or a leak before a person has a chance to slip on it. Once detected, alerts are sent to environmental services staff in real-time, with escalating alerts until the hazard is resolved.

Protect against common to catastrophic risks

IntelliSee’s AI platform continually learns and improves over time, and new risk detections are added regularly at no additional cost–constantly increasing its value to you.

Violence in Healthcare —
Where are the Risks?

In emergency departments where tensions run high, violence is a recurring problem. Threats exist out side the walls of the hospital as well. Unguarded, poorly lit parking create unsafe conditions for staff walking to their cars at off hours. This is often exacerbated by a lack of security personnel in these areas or unmonitored cameras.

Healthcare Workers

accounted for



of all

Nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses due to violence

in 2018.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Workplace Violence in Healthcare, 2018.

More than 75% of emergency physicians reported experiencing at least one incident of workplace violence per year; nearly as many emergency nurses reported verbal or physical assault by patients or visitors.

Source: ECRI Institute, Healthcare Risk Control, 2017

Smarter Surveillance for a Safer Workplace

Many of the threats facing healthcare workers could be eliminated or mitigated by improving the surveillance process—things like actively monitoring camera feeds, identifying threats in real time, and triggering automated protocols to take action when a person’s safety is at stake. IntelliSee uses advanced AI to make passive surveillance systems more proactive and responsive:


IntelliSee continuously monitors surveillance feeds 24/7/365 for threats in real time.


IntelliSee automatically detects drawn weapons, trespassers, no-shows/missing employees, fallen persons, and slip and fall hazards.


When a threat is detected, IntelliSee instantaneously alerts designated contacts  to the nature and location of the threat and continues to monitor the situation until it’s resolved.


Armed with the right information at the right time, users can take immediate, life-changing action…when seconds can be the difference between an incident and a tragedy.

Watch as IntelliSee continuously scans the environment for threats. Immediately upon detection, alerts are sent to contacts based on customized parameters, allowing teams to take swift effective action.

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