Protect Your People From Guns & Everyday Threats

There were 656 mass shootings in 2023. Within the second week of the 2024 calendar year, 12 more communities were impacted by senseless gun violence. These statistics don’t even begin to capture the full weight of consequences faced by students, staff, and families following each shooting.

It’s time to re-evaluate the way we approach safety and security in our communities.

Layer Your Security

Industry experts, like Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS), recognize that layered security is the strongest approach to safety and emergency preparedness.

Unfortunately, cameras alone don’t prevent tragedies — they record them. IntelliSee’s software layers your existing security cameras, using powerful AI technology to actively monitor surveillance feeds for drawn guns, fallen persons, leaks and spills, perimeter threats, and more.

If any of these risks are detected, a real-time alert is sent to security personnel or administrators. This immediate awareness enables users to take quick, informed action and ideally address the risk before any escalation occurs.

One easy upgrade transforms your organization’s cameras into proactive risk prevention tools.

“With hundreds of cameras across our facility, IntelliSee’s real-time alerts pinpoint areas where dispatch should focus their attention, making alert reviews more efficient and more effective. And the escalating alerts ensure that an issue doesn’t get missed. If it’s unresolved, IntelliSee will continue to prompt our teams to address the situation.”

– Hospital Facilities Technology Coordinator

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