Job abandonment, missing people, burglary, and trespassing are potential problems for every organization. IntelliSee can help.

More than 1 in 5 new hires leave their job within 45 days – often just by not showing up. Use AI to detect when a person is NOT where they should be.

A burglary occurs every 23 seconds with more than a third occurring in non-residences. React faster with images and intelligent alerts.

A building is trespassed every 34 seconds in the U.S. AI goes beyond motion detection for more accurate and faster response.

Person Detects:

No-shows & the Absence of People
Masks & Other Markers
Sudden Crowd Formation

Intelligently Detect Trespassing, No-Shows, and Risk Markers

When an individual is not where they should be—you want to know why. Person by IntelliSee detects both the presence and absence of people under various conditions and circumstances, from trespassing to job abandonment

Go beyond motion detection to provide intelligent detection.

Motion-based alerts are notorious for late-night false alarms. IntelliSee offers smarter detection by alerting you to the movement and positions of actual people, without requiring facial recognition. This same capability can detect when a person isn’t present or situations involving common markers of impending situations–like the presence of a ski mask.

IntelliSee’s AI is rapidly progressing to recognize additional markers of pending situations, such as the sudden formation of crowds. These capabilities are continually developing—check with your IntelliSee representative for the latest status on our Contact Us page.

See IntelliSee in Action

Watch as IntelliSee continuously scans the environment in search of threats that put the safety of your people at risk. Immediately upon detection, an alert is sent to your predetermined contacts with time-stamped images and information to help your team take swift action.


No-show or Job Abandonment