Vehicle Detection

A vehicle can be harmless or a looming hazard.

Unexpected vehicles can create a myriad of problems, from safety risks and pathway obstructions to potential criminal activities.

Unauthorized or abandoned vehicles create unpredictable situations, may indicate trespassing or that another crime such as arson, vandalism, or illegal substance use, has been or could be committed. Unauthorized vehicles can also occupy spaces that should not be blocked for safety or emergency reasons.

IntelliSee can autonomously detect when a vehicle is present, notifying users of a potential problem before an incident occurs. IntelliSee’s real-time alerts are customizable so users can set specific alert timeframes and locations tailored to your organization, giving you the situational awareness needed to keep your people and those they serve safe.

Get 24/7/365 Situational Awareness with IntelliSee to…

  • Prevent illegal dumping
  • Prevent vehicles from blocking fire lanes
  • Address car break-ins
  • Secure your perimeter during off-hours
  • Prevent theft of catalytic converters
  • Stop a trespasser before they leave their vehicle
Address the car break-ins and rapid rise in catalytic converter theft with IntelliSee