Mass shootings are catastrophic to victims, families, and communities. The rarity and randomness make them hard to predict and even harder to prevent.

IntelliSee can help minimize or avoid tragedy by detecting and alerting to potential threats before shots are fired.

Weapon Detects:

More Than 1,000 Weapons
Hand-, Long- and Other Guns

Keep Time on Your Side

Gun violence can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. Although shootings are statistically rare, they have permanent consequences, and a situation can go from calm to crisis in a matter of seconds. Don’t wait until the first shots are fired to take action – detect and alert to drawn guns before a situation escalates.

Unlike other active shooter alert systems that rely on acoustics or air pressure to detect gunshots, IntelliSee detects weapons before they are used, saving valuable time when it matters the most.

Proactive detection—even as an assailant approaches a building—can mean the difference between an incident and a tragedy in an active shooter situation.

Once a drawn gun is detected, IntelliSee instantly verifies the detection, and an alert is sent to your designated contacts and systems based on your chosen parameters. Each alert contains the situational context needed to allow the right people to act. This saves critical time and can also assist de-escalation efforts while minimizing panic and confusion.

In 2018, public mass attack incidents killed 91 people and injured another 107 in the United States.

70% of active shooter incidents end within 5 minutes70%
60% ended before police could arrive60%
70% of incidents occurred in a commerce/business or educational environment70%

See IntelliSee in Action

Watch as IntelliSee continuously scans the environment in search of threats that put the safety of your people at risk. Immediately upon detection, an alert is sent to your predetermined contacts with time-stamped images and information to help your team take swift action.

Gun Detection