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Smarter Security for Healthcare Facility Safety

Safety and staffing are two top areas of concern for the healthcare industry—today more than ever. But protecting an entire hospital or medical center from threats is challenging, staff-intensive, and expensive.

To show how AI can offer an efficient, cost-effective solution, IntelliSee put its risk mitigation platform to the test at a hospital in Polk County, IA.

Prescribing Safer Solutions

Hospitals are busy places with patients, staff, and visitors coming and going at all hours, making safety a top priority. This hospital has a staff of 1,300 employees and physicians, providing acute, emergency, inpatient, outpatient, and crisis response services to thousands of patients each year.

Slip and falls are a common concern across all areas of the hospital, but especially for patients in the Behavioral Health Unit who can’t wear shoes. As part of a patient improvement initiative, the hospital turned to IntelliSee for help decreasing the number of slip and falls on this floor.

IntelliSee’s risk mitigation platform was installed on existing cameras in priority areas, including the Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit, emergency department entrances, and crisis hallway. With hundreds of cameras in place across the hospital, it’s impossible for each feed to be manually and simultaneously monitored.

However, IntelliSee autonomously scans for a range of threats without getting bored or losing focus, allowing the hospital to turn its existing security cameras into proactive risk mitigation tools. With IntelliSee monitoring the cameras, hospital security can function more efficiently and better prepare for response.

Better Outcomes with Proactive Surveillance

IntelliSee’s customizable alerts send system-to-system notifications to various departments whenever a risk is detected. This means a nurse’s station can find out in real time if someone has fallen and needs help. Environmental services can be alerted to spills, allowing staff to respond to risks before an incident occurs. IntelliSee’s real-time risk detection helps hospitals reduce or even eliminate avoidable events such as slip and falls that insurance won’t reimburse. In one month alone IntelliSee helped staff mitigate 68 slip and fall risks.

Alerts can also escalate to department managers if the original threat isn’t resolved after a specified time, so nurses and other staff can focus on patient care with the confidence that hazards will be resolved.

The hospital also implemented IntelliSee around several entry points, including the emergency department, to scan for fallen person incidents. These alerts are valuable for recognizing when someone has been dropped off and left outside the ER, allowing staff to come to their immediate aid.

Future Ready Applications

IntelliSee continues to add new threat detections to the platform at no additional cost to users. IntelliSee’s deep-learning AI also gets smarter the longer it’s in use, making it an investment that will increase safety and continue to provide ROI now and in the future. For example, vehicle and loitering detection was recently added as the platform continues to expand.

About IntelliSee

IntelliSee is an AI risk mitigation platform helping hospitals, higher education, K-12 schools, and other institutions strengthen their organizational safety. Enabled by proprietary advances in computer vision deep-learning artificial intelligence, IntelliSee’s capabilities improve both risk detection and responses.

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