Artificial Intelligence. Real Recurring Revenue.

It’s Time to Change the Overall View on Revenue.

The big commission. It’s something that we all chase. Although the project-based commission model has been successful in the past, it has its limitations. Basing your sales teams’ compensation solely on capital expenditures is inconsistent and unreliable. Not to mention the difficulties in forecasting revenue when you can’t control customer budgets, construction schedules or other variables. Adding, or continuing to add, a recurring revenue model to your existing structure will add predictability and sustainability to your finances while creating stronger relationships with your customers.

Proactive Protection for Customers.
Natural Recurring Revenue for You.

IntelliSee is an AI threat detection platform that can serve as an add-on to your existing and new security installs and provides an immediate source of recurring revenue for integrators. The platform is an easy upsell to current customers because it adds a complementary layer of security to existing surveillance without adding personnel, disruptive renovations or expensive hardware upgrades. This also gives integrators a reason to reach back to past installations for a non-project-based sales opportunity.

IntelliSee can help protect people, finances and reputations in nearly every industry and organization, large and small. IntelliSee monitors live surveillance feeds in real-time for threats including slip and fall hazards, drawn weapons, fallen persons, trespassers, job abandonment, missing persons and more. Once identified, the platform instantly validates threats and provides real-time alerts with situational awareness to the people and systems that can act—improving response times or preventing incidents altogether.

  • An AI risk mitigation platform for hospitals, long-term care, K-12 schools, higher education institutions, grocery and other retail stores, corporate, commercial, manufacturing, places of worship, construction sites, office environments and more
  • Works with existing surveillance systems—create added value for customers by enhancing their security strategies and leveraging their existing investment
  • Integrates with VMS, access controls, and other systems
  • 24/7 protection that doesn’t call in sick, get distracted or become incapacitated
  • Autonomously and simultaneously monitors multiple cameras in real-time
  • Unique platform covers multiple risks for a single, software as a service (SaaS) recurring fee
  • Customizable multi-media alerts based on end-user needs
  • Affordable for end-users (yet profitable for integrators)

IntelliSee continuously learns and improves the longer it’s being used through its powerful AI neural network. New detection capabilities and upgrades are automatically added to the risk mitigation platform giving integrators continuous opportunities to add value and have additional positive communication with customers.

Smarter Financials

The above is why we call IntelliSee “smarter surveillance for a safer world” but IntelliSee is also designed to make it easier for integrators to achieve natural recurring revenue and margin.

  • IntelliSee adds a complementary, cutting-edge product to an integrator’s portfolio that is useful to all market segments and to any new or existing client who has a surveillance system
  • IntelliSee is a quick setup (as fast as 15 minutes), self-contained (no more return trips due to missing materials), low/no maintenance (no more midnight service calls) product to minimize labor and training impacts
  • Additional incremental sales opportunities are possible by integrating IntelliSee with the end-client’s other systems, adding additional surveillance cameras to increase coverage and views, and delivering services leveraging IntelliSee’s self-learning capabilities
  • IntelliSee also has the training, marketing, and lead generation tools needed to help integrators introduce cutting edge solutions to clients while continuing to build the integrator’s brand.

Often, recurring revenue opportunities end up being given away in order to ensure the ‘big sale’ is made. It’s time to put an end to that. Integrators should be verifying that their sales compensation plans support recurring revenue models.

The NSCA’s 2021 Financial Analysis of the Industry report indicated that the total of revenue derived from recurring sales in 2020 was 17.32%, and that was up from the 10.83% in 2018. This percentage is climbing, but not fast enough for integrators looking to consistently increase their recurring revenue.

“Adding a recurring revenue model that naturally adds customer value is critical to the overall business health of a systems integrator,” said Chuck Wilson, NSCA Executive Director. “Recurring revenue is the best way to add predictability and sustainability to your finances and can help strengthen customer relationships. Helping our members implement recurring revenue opportunities is a continued focus for NSCA.

Quote from NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson

IntelliSee’s subscription-based monitoring model provides instant recurring revenue for integrators. And it’s an easy sell as it adds true customer value with minimal support from integrators. Once a sale is made, set up is quick and easy, and the system runs autonomously. IntelliSee also provides marketing and lead generation support to integrators.

Equipment margins can be razor thin, and too often, recurring revenue sources are too complex, too expensive or require too much support. But unlike other project-based sales, IntelliSee offers a simple way to add value to your customers while securing recurring revenue and margin, even during the slowest economies.

Win-Win Partnership

IntelliSee is led by seasoned executives and technology experts and backed by strong investors. Our reliable, well capitalized foundation makes us a trusted partner for growing your business. Our platform generates customer demand, while our staff provide the tools and support to help you reach new and existing customers.

AI is changing the industry. It will affect your business whether you prepare for it or not. IntelliSee is a natural add-on that brings real value to clients – and you have the opportunity to bring this technology to your clients first.

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