Boost Recurring Revenue with IntelliSee

Proactive Protection for Customers. Recurring Revenue for You.

IntelliSee is an AI-powered risk mitigation platform that overlays current security cameras and autonomously monitors in real-time to proactively detect risks from drawn weapons to slip and fall hazards. Once a risk is detected, IntelliSee’s instant alerts give your customers the situational awareness and time needed to act – when seconds can be the difference between an incident and a tragedy.

One Platform. One flat fee. Multiple risks.

The IntelliSee risk mitigation platform is an add-on to current security systems, meaning there are no expensive hardware upgrades or additional personnel needed. Our unique platform covers the risk matrix for one flat rate. Capabilities will continually expand providing even more value to you and your customers.

IntelliSee is smarter surveillance and smarter business:

IntelliSee offers integrators:

  • Recurring revenue at attractive margins
  • Sales opportunities with existing and new installations
  • Applicable product to all customer market verticals
  • Quick set-up with low/no maintenance
  • Incremental system integration revenue

IntelliSee was named 2022 Overall Winner at the eighth annual Excellence in Product Innovation Awards presented by the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA). The announcement was made at NSCA’s Annual Business and Leadership Conference on February 23. Awards were given to companies that have made advances in commercial technology profoundly impacting systems integrators. Learn more about the award and why IntelliSee won.

Smarter Partnerships

Choosing the right partner is critical to your reputation and business.

IntelliSee is:

  • Committed to channel partnerships and investing in your success.
  • A well-capitalized company, driven to make the world safer.
  • Bringing advanced AI to integrators in an easy-to-sell, valuable add-on product.

IntelliSee is looking for additional channel partners who share in our mission of making the world safer. If you’d like to learn more about IntelliSee and a potential partnership, please contact

IntelliSee’s mission is to make the world safer through smarter surveillance.

Enhance Your Offering. Satisfy Your Customers.

In a world of increasing risks, smarter solutions are needed. IntelliSee gives you a differentiated, recurring revenue solution that strengthens your business while strengthening your customers’ security. Protect finances, reputations, and what matters most – people – with IntelliSee. Smarter surveillance for a safer world.®

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