Pivot to Profit 2021: New Opportunities And Familiar Limitations For Integrators

IntelliSee Chief Customer Officer Maureen Pajerski’s Takeaways from Pivot to Profit

The value of systems integrators and vendors coming together to share ideas is immeasurable—this is why I was so excited to attend this year’s NSCA Pivot to Profit conference. I learned a lot from all the sessions, but the best part was talking with companies and learning about their concerns—especially when it comes to recurring revenue, a topic that came up frequently in my conversations with integrators.

Pivot to Profit is known as “P2P”—an appropriate name, as it’s genuinely a peer-to-peer conference. The “speed dating” session provided excellent opportunities for integrators to meet one-on-one with vendors and share new products and technologies. Focusing on what’s most important in a time-efficient setting was a beneficial exercise.

IntelliSee’s Chief Customer & Commercial Officer, Maureen Pajerski participated on a panel discussion around Growth Strategies, specifically bringing her expertise on how AI is disrupting the market and providing new, unlimited opportunities for integrators.

Recurring Revenue Limitations in Our Industry

No matter who I talked to, we kept coming back to the need for recurring revenue. This isn’t a new issue, yet there continues to be an absence of growth. Bandwidth is one reason. Systems integrators don’t have time to figure out how to implement recurring revenue streams when their compensation models only support project-based commissions. This brings us to another issue—is it time to restructure integrator compensation models?

I’m excited to be part of IntelliSee, a new company that provides an immediate source of recurring revenue for integrators by covering multiple risks for one software as a service (SaaS) fee. Talking with integrators at P2P, it’s clear they need more upsell opportunities that offer real value to customers. With IntelliSee, integrators can provide valuable upsells to customers because the platform adds a complementary layer of security to existing and new security installs without disruptive renovations or expensive security camera upgrades.

Most integrators I met with were excited that IntelliSee gives them the chance to reach out to past installations for non-project-based sales opportunities. This increased communication with their customers stems from the upgrades regularly added to the platform. Those upgrades are made possible through deep-learning AI technology that enables IntelliSee to continually improve the longer it’s in use. Because deep-learning AI automatically improves the IntelliSee platform, the recurring revenue is justified without integrators having to first figure out what services to surround the product with.

Staying Relevant and Staying Ahead

Pivot to Profit made it clear that technology will lead the future of systems integration. Customers need the new technology they invest in to do three things:

  • Leverage resources. IntelliSee’s open integration philosophy allows customers to leverage their existing surveillance resources. That means no security camera upgrades, no disruptions to monitoring or operations, and instant ROI.
  • Be multi-layered. IntelliSee can dramatically improve a customer’s security system when used as part of a layered security strategy.
  • Be proactive. IntelliSee provides proactive detection against a wide range of risks and threats.

Congratulations to Chuck Wilson, Tom LeBlanc, and NSCA for putting on a great Pivot to Profit 2021! I look forward to building on the connections I made at the conference and to helping integrators use IntelliSee to bring real value to their customers and recurring revenue to themselves.

– Maureen Pajerski, IntelliSee CCO