Prescribing Safer Solutions for Hospitals

The Challenge

This Des Moines, Iowa-based hospital provides acute, emergency, inpatient, outpatient, and crisis response services to thousands of patients each year.

Slip and falls are a common concern across the hospital, but especially for patients in the Behavioral Health Unit who can’t wear shoes. As part of a patient improvement initiative, the hospital turned to IntelliSee for help decreasing the number of slip and falls on this floor.

The Solution

With hundreds of cameras in place across the hospital, it’s impossible for each feed to be effectively monitored by humans.

Instead, IntelliSee’s risk detection software was installed on existing cameras in the Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit and crisis hallway. IntelliSee autonomously scans for slip and fall hazards without getting bored, fatigued, or distracted, allowing the hospital to identify and address a hazard, like a spill, before a slip and fall occurs.

Once a hazard is detected, alerts are immediately sent to designated contacts so the hazard can be addressed before an incident, or decreasing response times and reducing the severity if an incident occurs.

“IntelliSee has helped our staff respond faster and prevent slip and falls, especially in our Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit and crisis hallway. Avoiding falls means avoiding injury and costs, providing a significant ROI for us.”

– Hospital Facilities Technology Coordinator

The Outcome

In one month alone, IntelliSee helped staff mitigate 68 slip and fall risks by identifying spills and sending immediate alerts to janitorial staff. Along with avoiding injuries, IntelliSee provides significant cost savings with the average slip and fall claim costing $50,000 or more.

IntelliSee’s platform detects more than just slip and fall risks. The hospital also implemented IntelliSee around priority security areas and entry points, including the emergency department, to scan for fallen persons. These alerts are valuable for recognizing when someone has been dropped off and left outside the ED, allowing staff to come to their immediate aid.

With IntelliSee monitoring the cameras, hospital security can function more efficiently and better prepare for response.

IntelliSee’s customizable alerts send notifications to various departments whenever a risk is detected. Alerts can also escalate if the original threat isn’t resolved after a specified time, so nurses and other staff can focus on patient care with the confidence that hazards will be resolved.


slip and fall incidents avoided in one month

“We’re planning on integrating more cameras with IntelliSee as we are seeing definite benefits.”

– Hospital Facilities Technology Coordinator

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