Putting IntelliSee to the test at a Big10 Football Stadium

The Challenge

Preparing to host nearly 70,000 people for each home football game requires in-depth security sweeps, on-site guards, and additional personnel to monitor security feeds prior to and during the game. Once in-person sweeps are complete, additional security guards are hired for 24/7 monitoring of the stadium before, during, and immediately following the game. This increase in personnel is hard on a budget and has its limitations, as guards can’t be everywhere at once, leaving potential security gaps.

The Solution

The University of Iowa and IntelliSee worked together in 2021 to secure Kinnick Stadium. By overlaying IntelliSee’s AI on existing cameras, they were able to automate the monitoring of surveillance feeds, successfully leveraging the existing infrastructure and proactively alerting staff to threats for less cost.

Immediately after installation, IntelliSee got to work autonomously monitoring for threats. Because IntelliSee is an add-on—not a replacement—the University seamlessly integrated the platform into its existing surveillance system without making expensive hardware upgrades, camera installations, or hiring additional staff.

“New technologies are allowing us to shift from human monitoring to proactive safety and fast response when and where an actual problem occurs. We also now have 24x7x365 monitoring vs. just before a game.”

– Mark Bullock, Assistant Vice President, University of Iowa Campus Safety

The Outcome

IntelliSee’s additional layer of security proactively alerts staff to potential threats, such as trespassers, so instead of roaming the stadium looking for threats, security personnel can spend time responding to identified threats. Additionally, fewer security guards were needed, saving the University nearly $115,000, which they were able to deploy towards other security enhancements.

IntelliSee offered The University of Iowa a way to secure Kinnick Stadium more effectively and efficiently at a lower cost.


saved in security costs in one season alone.

“We saved more than $115,000 (after implementing IntelliSee), which we were able to deploy to other critical safety and security needs.”

– Jan Bringman, Key & Access Services Manager, University of Iowa

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