School safety goes beyond guns. And so does IntelliSee.

The Challenge

One of Iowa’s fastest-growing K-12 school districts was looking for a way to make their buildings safer without interrupting the learning environment, creating privacy issues, or overspending their budgets. Rising gun violence was a top concern, but so was securing the buildings in the evenings and on weekends after a well-meaning coach granted a student-athlete unsupervised, after-hours access to the gym and weight room—a major potential liability.

The Solution

IntelliSee’s ability to detect drawn guns is one of its most enticing features, but statistically, gun incidents are rare. More common—and often costly—are risks like slipping hazards, falls, trespassers, unauthorized vehicles, loitering, and more. These risks alone won’t make headlines, but they can lead to serious injuries, damages, and lawsuits.

This K-12 district installed IntelliSee on cameras across campus and customized its detection parameters based on their specific needs, ensuring the proper alerts were set up and the proper people were notified of a detection. And there were no privacy or FERPA issues because IntelliSee does not store PII or use facial recognition.

The Outcome

IntelliSee provides multiple levels of protection for a situation like the student-athlete in the building alone after hours. End users receive a trespassing alert, allowing administrators to correct the situation immediately. If an injury had occurred and the student was unable to get up, a fallen person alert would have ensured help arrived quickly. The district’s administrators used this example to re-educate staff on potential liabilities and the importance of complying with standard operating procedures.

In less than one year, this district was alerted to 829 risks ranging from spills, falls, trespassing, and more.


alerts detected in less than one year.

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Putting IntelliSee to the test at a Big10 Football Stadium