Imagine What IntelliSee Could Do for You

When it comes to safety, ignorance will never be bliss—but it can be costly. Healthcare facilities, K-12 schools, college campuses, retailers and others simply can’t afford to ignore risks. With IntelliSee, they don’t have to.

Cameras are an important safety investment, but to put it simply: cameras don’t prevent incidents—they record them. IntelliSee’s deep-learning AI maximizes your past surveillance investment by actively monitoring existing camera feeds to detect safety risks. Once detected, real-time alerts are sent to end users, providing the situational awareness needed to take quick, informed action.

Look at Real IntelliSee Detections

The images below are real detections of slipping hazards and fallen persons. IntelliSee AI can also detect drawn guns, the absence of persons, loitering, unauthorized vehicles and more. IntelliSee continues to add new detection capabilities to users, at no additional cost, giving even more protection against both common and rare, but potentially catastrophic, risks.

Slipping Hazards

Slip and falls are one of the most common accidents in the workplace and even minor injuries can cost thousands of dollars. With busy environments, multiple entries, and hard floors, educational and healthcare facilities are no exception.

Slip Detection #1:

This slip risk was detected at the bottom of concrete stairs in a community college campus building over a weekend. With IntelliSee, the risk was detected, an alert with this image was sent to designated contacts, and staff cleaned the spill before anyone fell. They also discovered the roof was leaking and the college fixed it before it could cause more costly damage.

Without IntelliSee, things could have unfolded a lot differently. The leak alone could have continued unnoticed until permanent structural damage occurred. But even structural damage wasn’t the biggest risk in this picture.

All it takes is one preoccupied professor, student, or faculty member to walk down these stairs and slip, causing a severe injury that could potentially ruin their life. Incidents like that also put the financial viability of an organization at risk due to massive slip-and-fall claims. It’s not hard to imagine someone looking at their phone, carrying a box, or even talking to a friend before accidentally slipping at the bottom of the stairs and hitting their head on the concrete.

Preventing this kind of harm is what drives our mission at IntelliSee.

Slip Detection #2:

This slip risk was detected in a busy high school hallway. With IntelliSee, the spill was detected as it occurred, even in an action-packed hallway between classes. IntelliSee’s real-time alerts give users situational awareness and time to minimize the risk of someone slipping and falling.  This also makes staff more efficient as they know exactly when and where they are needed to clean the spill.

Without IntelliSee, it’s not hard to imagine students texting, talking, or even running down the hall, not paying attention, and slipping and falling. It’s also not hard to imagine the student’s “forgetting” to inform an adult that something had spilled—meaning the slip & fall risk would have lingered until someone either noticed it by happenstance or until someone had fallen.


The ability to detect fallen persons on your property is important for a multitude of other safety reasons, even beyond detecting the common slip/trip incident. IntelliSee has been used to identify a range of incidents including people having medical issues, dump-and-runs, and even employees sleeping on the job.

For instance, it’s not uncommon for emergency rooms to experience someone being dumped at the hospital’s curb after being stabbed or shot because their transporter doesn’t want to get into trouble. If the person is dumped away from primary locations and the person is unable to walk or crawl, they could go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Recovering and elderly patients are at higher risk of falling, given their circumstances. Still, any patient, staff, or visitor can have a medical episode and fall to the ground at any time. Hard floors are more sterile and easier to clean, but they also provide an opportunity for more severe injuries to occur, putting patients in worse condition than when they arrived. IntelliSee can notify staff immediately in these situations.

Fall Detection #1:

This fallen person detection occurred in front of a hospital emergency entrance. Fortunately, this person was not alone when the fall took place. If they had been, it is unknown how long it would take for someone to notice. Additionally, this person appears to be blocking the entrance that would be used by ambulances or other first responders. Unexpected delays could cause further harm to incoming patients, especially when time is of the essence.

With IntelliSee, the staff was notified immediately, reducing the amount of time between the fall and the person being assisted and assessed for injury.

The alerts deliver an image of the fallen person, but because IntelliSee integrates into the video management system, the full recording is also saved. This footage can be crucial for protecting an organization in instances of false insurance claims or lawsuits.

Fall Detection #2:

This fallen person detection was an employee working solo in a school building after hours.

With IntelliSee, remote staff was alerted immediately, and if the situation wasn’t resolved within a set amount of time, follow-up alerts escalated to additional designated contacts. Both end users and their solo workers have peace of mind knowing that if they fall, have a medical issue, or get hurt, someone will be notified right away.

Without IntelliSee, this person could have had a serious medical issue and nobody would have known. If this person couldn’t call for help or didn’t have a phone, they may have had to wait hours—alone—hoping someone would find them.

Hindsight is 20/20. IntelliSee is 24/7/365.

IntelliSee is an added layer of protection that is not compromised due to workforce shortages, illnesses, or unpredictable absences. It’s a reliable security tool that strengthens security, protects liability, and offers peace of mind in environments that need it most.

IntelliSee does not store footage, personally identifiable information (PII), or use facial recognition—meaning there are no Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or other privacy issues.

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