The Workforce is Suffering, But Your Security Coverage Doesn’t Have To

Healthcare centers, K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and businesses all over the United States are struggling to fill positions and retain workers.

On top of workforce shortages, all organizations still face COVID-related absences, which can range from 5 days to several months, depending on severity. For many industries, flexible options are available to keep workflow moving but what’s the workaround for security personnel?

IntelliSee AI Risk Mitigation

IntelliSee is an AI platform that overlays your existing cameras to autonomously monitor live surveillance feeds for threats. IntelliSee’s deep-learning AI identifies risks—such as slip and fall hazards, drawn guns, fallen persons, trespassers, vehicles, and more—and sends immediate alerts to end users. This 24/7/365 active monitoring provides peace of mind and gives organizations the opportunity to take informed action in real-time and prevent or address situations immediately.

24/7/365 Dependability

Quality physical security coverage can be difficult to find, especially when the hours aren’t ideal, and overtime is often required due to staffing shortages.  In many cases, organizations have even foregone physical security staff.

IntelliSee offers dependable coverage that won’t call in sick, arrive late, leave early, or no-call/no-show—all of which can leave your organization vulnerable when traditional security staff is your only layer of protection. Unlike human surveillance monitoring, IntelliSee also doesn’t zone out—often called video fatigue—or get tunnel vision.

Instead, IntelliSee works 24/7/365, both as a resource for security officers and as a safety net when life inevitably gets in the way of a scheduled shift. All you need is one person to receive and review alerts, and you’re covered. These same alerts can also be sent to your other existing systems to seamlessly integrate with your existing protocols and operating procedures.

IntelliSee is a Team Player

Even a full team of security staff can’t be everywhere at once, especially as in-house departments and outsourced security companies struggle to fill positions. For existing security employees, this means being stretched thin and burnt out, which typically leads to turnover.

IntelliSee can help alleviate these stressors by actively monitoring your property around the clock, allowing efficiencies and security staff to focus on prevention and resolution instead of monitoring. And when your team is responding to an incident on one end of the property, coverage at the other end is not compromised.

IntelliSee’s consistent and accurate coverage saved the University of Iowa more than $150,000 in one football season alone by automating the active monitoring process with IntelliSee. Ultimately security costs decreased while coverage and safety increased.

Hindsight is 20/20. IntelliSee is 24/7/365.

Workforce challenges aren’t going away, and neither are safety risks. In fact, both problems seem to be increasing dramatically.  Don’t let labor shortages compromise your security strategy. Get ahead and stay ahead, with IntelliSee AI.