for a safer

Envision a safer world with IntelliSee, a real-time risk mitigation platform working 24/7 to protect what matters.

Protect What Matters Most

Risk frequencies and severities are increasing.
AI can help.

IntelliSee uses advanced computer vision artificial intelligence (AI) and live surveillance feeds to detect threats to your people and those they serve. These same risks affect your financial well-being and brand reputation. Protect what matters most with IntelliSee.

Smarter Surveillance

AI protection using existing cameras.

IntelliSee adds another layer of protection by continuously monitoring existing surveillance feeds to detect risks before they happen—or to speed response if they do—when seconds can be critical.

Detect weapons and other threats
Autonomous, 24/7 protection
Immediate, real-time alerts

Easy plug & play set-up
No privacy concerns
Simultaneously monitor all cameras

Detect and Protect Against a Growing List of Threats

Guard against risks ranging from armed intruders to slip and fall hazards.

IntelliSee’s parent company was founded by some of the world’s leading motion technology researchers working with the Department of Defense to protect our soldiers. IntelliSee is now using this technology to help others, starting with some of the most critical and common risks facing your organization.

How It Works

The four components of optic-based AI security.

IntelliSee offers a smarter, less conspicuous solution by continuously scanning your live surveillance feeds for potential threats. When a threat is detected, IntelliSee auto-validates and instantly alerts designated contacts and systems to the nature and location of the threat so you can act.


Monitors existing cameras simultaneously for autonomous, 24/7 protection.


Visually identify a growing number of threats through advanced AI.


Instant situational context so the right people know how, when, and where to respond.


With IntelliSee’s insights, take immediate action while keeping the scene as calm as possible.