Upgrade School Safety with Approved Funding in 2024

In 2022, the Department of Justice announced $190 million in available federal funding to help schools across the country implement safety and security upgrades. Legislators in states like Iowa, Connecticut, Ohio, and more followed suit, announcing additional funding for safety training, education, and enhancements for school districts.

In states like Iowa, the application period for these school safety funds will end as soon as October 2024 — and many schools have yet to take advantage of the resources.

Only 3.5% of Iowa
Schools Claimed Funds,
$74M Still Available

In June 2022, the state of Iowa announced that $75 million in federal pandemic relief funds would be spent to improve school safety. As of January 19, 2024, the program has paid $950,000 to only 18 school districts across the state. Iowa has a total of 327 school districts and 183 nonpublic and independent schools.

This shows that access to school safety funding is still available, but time is running out. For example, the remaining 309 school districts in Iowa have until October 1, 2024, to apply for these grants.

Make Your Existing Cameras Work Harder with AI Threat Detection Software

Many school districts are exploring ways to leverage federal safety funds to enhance and expand their existing security infrastructure beyond foundational surveillance cameras, metal detectors, and perimeter control. Identifying security gaps is a key strategy to determine improvement opportunities and strengthen overall security. Within that is a common weakness felt by many school districts — the inevitable inconsistency and unreliability of human surveillance monitoring.

With new technology, schools can simply add a layer of AI software over their existing live surveillance feed to detect everything from a drawn gun approaching the school to a puddle on the floor that poses a slip and fall risk. Further, the software sends detection alerts in real time, bringing immediate awareness to staff and enabling a swift response from security personnel in order to prevent harm to students and staff.

IntelliSee: Trusted by K-12 and Higher Education Institutions

Leading schools, like Peoria Public Schools and the University of Iowa, rely on IntelliSee AI video monitoring to protect students and staff while achieving a robust, multi-layer approach to safety and security without disturbing learning environments. IntelliSee’s award-winning surveillance software instantly upgrades existing security cameras, monitoring for everything from catastrophic threats, like drawn guns, to everyday safety concerns like leaks and spills, fallen persons, and perimeter control. Immediate and escalating alerts are delivered directly to user devices so you can take action.

IntelliSee has helped numerous school districts maximize funding with this critical safety upgrade, and our team can assist you too.

Learn How to Use Your Safety Funds for AI Security Software

IntelliSee provides a 24/7/365 proactive layer of protection without intrusive equipment or complicated setup. Instead, our software seamlessly integrates with your existing surveillance systems and cameras to scan for threats and maximize the safety investments you’ve already made.

Watch this 2-minute IntelliSee demo to see how you can instantly improve safety in your school. Our experienced team can guide you through the process of using your state and federal funding to better protect your staff and students with IntelliSee.