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Smarter Surveillance for a Safer World


To make the world safer through the power of visual AI.

What We Do

IntelliSee is a powerful risk mitigation platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence developed for the U.S. Department of Defense to identify threats to human safety.

IntelliSee works by overlaying live surveillance feeds and scanning the environment for hazards. If a threat is detected, IntelliSee instantly validates the threat and sends real-time alerts to the people and systems who can act.

Alerts include information such as the nature, visuals and location of the threat, giving end-users the time and necessary insight to take preventative action.

IntelliSee’s algorithms are continually trained to detect a wide range of threats, including the presence of drawn weapons, active shooters, intruders, slip and fall hazards, trespassers, and markers of potential assaults. As the platform evolves, the types of threats IntelliSee detects will continue to expand.

How We Complement Security Teams:

Although the number of surveillance cameras in use today has increased dramatically, most still rely on the human eye to detect a threat. IntelliSee complements a security team by autonomously and continuously monitoring multiple cameras at a time to detect key threats, allowing staff to spend less time on repetitive, error-prone tasks like video monitoring, and more time taking protective action—from mopping up spills before someone slips to intervening when an incident escalates.

Because IntelliSee works with existing cameras, no additional security devices need to be installed for the platform to work. And because IntelliSee cannot be distracted, panic or become incapacitated during an incident, mitigating actions can be taken quickly yet subtly.

Commitment to Privacy

IntelliSee is committed to protecting the privacy of customers and the people they serve. IntelliSee’s technology does not scan for any personal features and avoids the use of facial recognition and other increasing concerns enabled by artificial intelligence.

 IntelliSee does not and will never capture, store, or sell any data containing personally identifying information.


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IntelliSee is an AI-based risk mitigation platform that autonomously and continuously scans live surveillance footage to proactively identify situations that threaten human safety and cause financial harm.

When a hazard is detected, IntelliSee alerts designated contacts and systems to the nature and location of the threat in real-time, giving the user the insight to take preventative action.

A note about privacy: AI is a powerful capability that can provide many benefits to society. Like many breakthroughs, technology advancements are outpacing norms and governing regulations defining the boundaries of acceptable use. IntelliSee does not employ the use of facial recognition or other capabilities that enter the gray area between safety and personal privacy. No personally identifiable information (PII), data capture, storage or use has been enabled—directly or indirectly—through the IntelliSee platform.

Risk Detection Modules:

IntelliSee detects threats across the risk matrix from the rare but catastrophic drawn gun detection to the common and costly slip and fall hazards. IntelliSee detects trespassers, vehicles, loitering, missing persons and falls. It’s capabilities and detected threats are constantly evolving with additional detections added at no extra cost to users.