Protect What Matters Most

Protect your people, your reputation, and your bottom line.

Proactive risk management saves time and money, reduces liability, and safeguards your organization’s reputation. But it also helps you protect something even more valuable—your employees, colleagues, customers, and loved ones.

IntelliSee was designed to assess a growing range of threats to people, from weapons to slip and fall hazards, abusive behavior, and more. We’re driven to make the world safer through the power of AI by making it easier to take a proactive stance—so it’s easier to protect what matters most.

Detect & Protect


Don’t wait until shots are fired to take action. Detect guns and other weapons before they’re deployed to improve response times and protect your people.

Slip & Fall

Standing water and other unnoticed hazards don’t need to be an accident waiting to happen. Avoid one of the most common—and expensive—risks to your organization.


Detect the presence of masks, crowd formation, and other markers of problematic behavior including trespassers or situations like no-shows where someone isn’t where they should be.


Assault and abuse takes many forms, from bullying to offensive behavior and physical violence. Identify and address abuse in real-time to intervene as quickly as possible.

Always Learning, Always Evolving

As a part of our ongoing research and development, we’re continuously fine tuning our models and adding new capabilities to our risk mitigation platform. IntelliSee’s detection abilities also constantly evolve as our powerful AI neural network mines and learns from our growing database of surveillance footage.

Learn about our ongoing research efforts in partnership with the University of Iowa Technology Institute and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Protecting Your Privacy

IntelliSee is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and everyone they serve. Our technology was designed to identify hazards such as weapons, liquids, or postures; it does not scan for any personal features and we are avoiding facial recognition and other increasing concerns enabled by the power of artificial intelligence.

We do not—nor will we ever—capture, store, or sell any data containing personally identifying information.

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